Now what?

The 2020 ride is coming to an end, and leaving us a little wound up, chewed up and hung out to dry. 

Let’s get ourselves realigned with our purpose, recharged and ready to move on into the next decade. My course Sensual Secrets of Powerful Women, starting January 19, is designed to help You reignite your fire. 

In this 6 week  course you will learn how to heal yourself starting with the primary Power Center, your pelvis, (where your creative feminine energy is housed) so you can grow, transform and create your deepest desires.

The Webinar

Come join my FREE webinar Vital Pelvic Power, January 5, to get a sneak preview of it!  You will learn more about why this Power center of your body is so important, and how it affects every other part of your life. 

We are going to start with our hips and shake our way into the new year!

Tuesday, January 5th

7 PM Eastern Time

Jacqui Linder

Founder of Vital Powered Transformations

In the past 30 years, Jacqui has studied all aspects of healing from Masters all over the world– from Western medicine to Shamanism, natural remedies and pharmaceuticals, Eastern meditation and Christian prayer. Chinese medicine, biochemistry, Ayurveda, Tantra, etc.

Jacqui’s gift is taking seemingly opposite things and finding the way they connect with each other and teaching that to others. In following her path, she was amazed at all the synchronicities in the different healing modalities, and how we can tune into the basic knowledge and trim out the dogma, so we can access our self healing power when we let go of the centuries of programming we are constantly running in our subconscious mind. 


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