Meet Jacqueline


Jacqueline Linder



Jacqueline became interested in Complementary Medicine while attaining her business administration degree at SPC. After graduation, she entered the Massage Therapy program at Suncoast School of Natural Health. Additionally, she received training in human anatomy and physiology, massage therapy, body mechanics, hydrotherapy, and Aaron Mattes Activated Isolated Stretching. After receiving her Florida State Massage Therapy License in 1992, she certified with Judith Walker Delaney in Neuromuscular Therapy in 1995

Present Work

Now, she has over 29 years of experience in treating head injuries. Including concussions, TBI, and midline brain shifts, whiplash, migraine headaches, tension headaches, TMD (temporal-mandibular disorder), causing jaw pain and teeth grinding.

As well as, frozen shoulder, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, structural imbalances, sports injuries, edema (swelling), incontinence, infertility, and pregnancy-related discomfort. Furthermore, she has worked with clients in post-surgical rehabilitation, post-mastectomy lymphedema, high-risk pregnancy, and chronic disease. But, she has also worked with professional and amateur athletes to improve their performance and recover from injury.


Also, Jacqueline uses a unique combination of therapies to address pain, dysfunction, and their underlying causes. By treating just the sore muscle or superficial areas of the body it is not sufficient to create long term healing. However, Jacqui uses MPSR and Neuromuscular Therapy to release tender trigger points in soft tissue. As well as, Myofascial Release to reduce the fascial restrictions that can reactivate trigger points. 

She also teaches Active Isolated Stretching to the client to maintain the new movement patterns and increase range of motion.
Lymph Drainage Therapy helps the body release and remove fluid and waste materials that accumulate.

Craniosacral Therapy releases core restrictions in the tissue surrounding the nervous system to achieve lasting results. Visceral Manipulation is an organ-specific fascial release technique to relieve restrictions within that create pain and dysfunction throughout the body.
Body Talk® is used to address other issues such as food allergies, emotional holding patterns, and unhelpful belief systems.

Similarly, Jacqueline is trained in Therapeutic Dialogue and Imagery to help patients resolve chronic unresolved trauma, PTSD. 

While Jacqueline is an avid user of Complementary Therapies. She has explored many different healing modalities. Including, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Light and Sound Therapies, and Quantum Energetics. She has found great value in their perspectives and appreciates how they can dance and weave with  Western Medicine. 

In addition Jacqueline has studied nutrition since 1978. She is very passionate about the role that it plays in our health. Especially in the areas of addiction recovery, head trauma recovery, brain chemistry, and allergies. She has knowledge of herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, and how they can interact with pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, Jacqueline is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and is employed by BayCare Health Systems.