November 11, 2022

What is power? How do we define when someone is powerful or not powerful?

First, we need to define what power is. Power is the ability to know your own desire and to be able to speak your desire with clarity and conviction to influence others. How do we know what is our desire? The patriarchy has spent hundreds of years telling women what to think, how to be, what we want, how we should feel.

As I work with women, a common experience when I ask the question what do you want? They can’t answer it. Or their answer is how they want other people to act or what they want for others and not for themselves. The disconnection of a woman from her center of her desire in her body is the greatest hijack ever.

When women are clear and powerful in their desires, the world is a better place. Women pool resources, they share ideas, they work together to lift everyone up. Women fully in their power is something the world needs more of. And when I talk about the patriarchy, I am not man bashing. Men have their own set of rules of behavior they’re trapped in. The patriarchy is not a person it’s a system of beliefs. A system that consistently puts women last. Denies our input, pays us less, makes us fight for rights like voting, and owning our own body.

Changing belief systems and ideals are not easy. But it’s happening, you see it happening everywhere. Women of all ages are rising up and asking questions, sharing their wounds, spilling the secrets that have been long buried. Trauma, rape, disrespect. How do we own our own power? And how do we get our desires manifested in the world? Join me for discussion of conversational power dynamics. 

CellCore Bioscience has some unique items for detoxification. I am still exploring all of their offerings. Tudca is the item I was interested in which led me to this group.

Here is a link to a National Library of Medicine article about the benefits of it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4030606/  

I will let you know how it goes but if you would like to explore for yourself you can access my dispensary here. 

Unique code to use for my account. tO4zv5KU

My goal is to help women access their power and use it well.


Jacqueline Linder


Hi, I'm Jacqueline

In my 30 years of treating everything from head injuries to unresolved trauma, I've come to appreciate Complementary Therapies, including Shamanism, Light and Sound Therapies, and Quantum Energetics. 

Vital Power Transformations was created for you to learn how to heal yourself, connect to your divine source through your body and take that beautiful shining Heart light into the world to help it transform. 

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