January 18, 2022

What do people mean by embodiment?

Here is my take on it. When we are embodied, we are deeply connected to ourselves, our emotions, our feelings. We operate more on intuition, with an inward check in to know which way we should respond and less dependence on our thoughts or worse, others thoughts. We, as humans, have been running on a treadmill, trapped in a matrix of school, work, career, family, and societal expectations. Most of us have been operating on autopilot for years, listening to others and not our own selves. It is so bad that when we finally do check in with ourselves all we can hear are the voices of our parents, our teachers, the talking heads on TV.

The last few years have been life changing for us all. While I don’t want to minimize our collective angst and suffering as changes out of our control left us scrambling, I do want to help us climb out of the wreckage with more power. We have a golden opportunity to change and redirect our conversations about health, environment, communication, relationships and community. 

I have been studying healing, natural health care and medicine my entire life, looking for the answer to what makes us ill? What makes us age? What makes us die before our song is sung? My search took me on some interesting paths. I am creating a series of videos to help you learn from my searching.

The biggest reason I find for disease and aging is that we are overconnected outside of ourselves with no time or space to reconnect within ourselves. To ask our own heart for guidance and not be led by the crazy train of life is a practice. It’s not easy to step off the treadmill and do something different. Sometimes assistance is needed. Especially in the beginning, it is good to have a guide. So I hope my videos start to help you tune into yourself.

Some of them will be basic anatomy and physiology, answering the question “How does my body work” ? Some will be about different therapies I do to help you regain your power and health by resetting your natural rhythms. “How do I reconnect?” Some will be taught in workshops to teach you how to use your own vital power to tap into your Source. “How do I live more fully and powerfully?”

Within our own bodies, is the knowledge, energy and desire to be fit, healthy, vibrant and powerful. Looking forward to being your guide to the best, healthiest you.  

CellCore Bioscience has some unique items for detoxification. I am still exploring all of their offerings. Tudca is the item I was interested in which led me to this group.

Here is a link to a National Library of Medicine article about the benefits of it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4030606/  

I will let you know how it goes but if you would like to explore for yourself you can access my dispensary here. 

Unique code to use for my account. tO4zv5KU

Our world is desperate for it. 


Jacqueline Linder


Hi, I'm Jacqueline

In my 30 years of treating everything from head injuries to unresolved trauma, I've come to appreciate Complementary Therapies, including Shamanism, Light and Sound Therapies, and Quantum Energetics. 

Vital Power Transformations was created for you to learn how to heal yourself, connect to your divine source through your body and take that beautiful shining Heart light into the world to help it transform. 

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