My Lymph Drainage Technique to Do at Home

January 19, 2021

Women's bodies in their highest level of energy and health are fluid, flexible, and feel good.

We are often susceptible to more lymph congestion than men are. When we overwork, overdo, and generally push ourselves past our limits we tire out our adrenal glands. Our body doesn’t have enough energy to recharge itself and congestion is a common result. 

I created a short video to teach you a little lymph drainage technique you can do for yourself daily to help.

I am here to serve that and help you find your best, healthiest you.


Jacqueline Linder


Hi, I'm Jacqueline

In my 30 years of treating everything from head injuries to unresolved trauma, I've come to appreciate Complementary Therapies, including Shamanism, Light and Sound Therapies, and Quantum Energetics. 

Vital Power Transformations was created for you to learn how to heal yourself, connect to your divine source through your body and take that beautiful shining Heart light into the world to help it transform. 

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