Energy Healing: Is it Voodoo? No. Can you do it? Absolutely.

October 13, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Are you feeling boxed into a tiny space of cultural conditioning that isn’t allowing you to fully express yourself?

Our societal program has worked against a healthy energy system. This is true for both men and women, but the Feminine expression of energy is what heals, creates, and nurtures. It is being squeezed into a tiny box of social conditioning that no human can achieve and still live. 

Our Power has been restricted for too long. And it’s coming out. It’s my passion to share what I have learned about energy, healing, and self-empowerment from a variety of teachers to help women move past these limiting walls to find their full potential.

Let’s start with the beginning building blocks:

  • What is energy healing?
  • How does it work? 
  • What is your energy quotient? 
  • How do you work, or don’t work? 
  • What makes some people vibrant and healthy and others chronically ill? 

I’ve spent my life in search of the answers to these questions. The answers I found are profound. 

Energy Healing is a broad concept that is vastly misunderstood. How do people do that? Is it voodoo? (NO absolutely not.) Can I do it? (Yes, absolutely. While you are already doing this at some level, training, an excellent teacher and practice will take you much further.)  

Some quick review of physics reminds us the energy (and matter) is neither lost nor used up, it is just transformed. 

I was sitting in Ultrasound physics class learning how sound waves move through tissue, how we measure them, and how the machine creates a pretty picture of your baby when I was struck by the knowledge that this is the same principle I use to do hands-on therapy in my office. 

I had been trained by doctors to use very light touch to help someone heal as opposed to beating on their sore muscles all the time. I was tuning into very subtle wave movements in the body and creating equally subtle pressure waves with my hands and working with areas that were not moving well (or at all) to reintroduce a healthy movement pattern and encourage the tissue to heal. 

The light bulb went on and has been churning out ideas for years while I explored the medical side of healthcare. So I will try to make this as easy as possible. Sound waves are pressure waves. Little molecules that are in contact with each other vibrate and push against their neighbors sending their vibration down the line, just like dominoes falling or a crowd doing the wave in a football stadium. 

Your heart contracts and the arteries help to push along a pressure wave in your bloodstream, your body muscles contract to send the wave back creating a continuous feedback loop until something stops it. Your breathing muscles contract and expand to move air through your lungs to feed the blood. The body is full of millions of these pressure feedback loops. Life is full of these pressure feedback loops. 

But what begins this process? Why does it stop? How can we keep it going longer or more efficiently?

Healers, Mystics, and Gurus for centuries have taught about energetic healing practices, meditation, “right living,” combined with diet and specific movement, yoga, prayer, energy mudras, and the like. We still don’t have great research to understand how this works.
But after studying with many of them, I have been able to find a common wave, and am excited to teach it to others.

Working with the basic energy movement patterns we can restore our physical and mental health. 

We can reconnect to our original spiritual purpose. We can create a healthier planet and society.

Would you like to know more about how your energy works? How to even find it?  What to do with it? How to use it to heal your body and life and how to empower yourself and others? How to find your desire and create a life that fully embodies you? How to escape from the tiny little box of social conditioning that is suffocating you? 

Stay with me, this Fire element is shining her light in the darkness.


Jacqueline Linder


Hi, I'm Jacqueline

In my 30 years of treating everything from head injuries to unresolved trauma, I've come to appreciate Complementary Therapies, including Shamanism, Light and Sound Therapies, and Quantum Energetics. 

Vital Power Transformations was created for you to learn how to heal yourself, connect to your divine source through your body and take that beautiful shining Heart light into the world to help it transform. 

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